Why Do Guys in Relationships Masturbate?

Why Do Guys in Relationships Masturbate? Guys masturbate for many different reasons… for ‘alone’ time, because they have a fantasy on their mind they don’t want to act out in real life, because they are feeling low, just for relaxation etc etc.

It’s not the same thing as sex at all for a lot of guys – it doesn’t replace sex, it’s just another kind of pleasure entirely. It’s not even the same as getting a hand job from your partner, as having pleasurable time alone is often a large part of the attraction.

You’ll also get guys in the thread saying they don’t masturbate ’cause they are happy with their partner etc., but that’s because they aren’t particularly into masturbation and may have only done it in the past to relieve frustration… that’s a valid but unusual view. Most guys will masturbate regardless of how great their sex life is.