Leading A Guy On ?

Motivated by just a lynch pack held in a chat room, crying on the subject of some undesirable man that actually travelled in the market to date another person, took out the lady to somewhat of a stylish establishment, rented a fancy car – and she or he decided not to desire to have a dedicated partnership. They are really having a debate about pounding her teeth out so this girl cannot want to do that to somewhat of a “pathetic sweet dude” once more. However did she lead him on? Or alternatively was he following without having authorization? No one knows. But it really got me personally reasoning and I believed I would try to find out. Leading someone on. What does that actually mean to you?

IMHO spending a fortune on someone you’re meeting for the first time is pretty dumb. It may bot have been ‘leading on at all (pending more info) – it could be that she had plenty of interest in his online persona and met him in good faith, but then chemistry just wasn’t there.

Therein lies the difference really – if it played out as imagined, and she knew from the start she had no real interest in him, but just fancied a flash night out, then obviously that’s exploiting the guy’s desperation and need to impress. If she went along in good faith but simply wasn’t willing to pretend an interest that wasn’t there when they met in the flesh, then it’s not really her problem that he wanted to be flashy.