Sex Extremism – Burning Bitch

Sex extremism and BDSM of a burning bitch ! Well today’s exclusive Hot Wax Movie “Wax Lyrical”, is the follow up to a very special members request .. x :o) and after enjoying shooting the photo set so much …. I just knew i had to heighten my Climax of the day by indulge myself in some “Full on” Extreme ” Outer Body, Facial & Internal Hot Wax Play !!! for not only does this movie show you , just what a Filthy Horney Slut I am !! (hehe heh ) ;o)
but come watch me play .. and see for yourself as i Tease and please with several Hot candles !! All over Body and Facial Hot waxing !!! followed by Hard Deep thrusting / large CANDLE Gagging when allowing Hot Wax to drip into and on both of my eyes like a hungry for bukkake craved Bitch! with a well timed , helping hand (from my “Camera man “) when he Decides to help Stretch my tight hairy pussy to the max !! To allow A Flaming Lit candle Drip freely inside and on my gaping pussy Hole!! This movie certainly has some wonderful & Wild POV speculum and Hot wax Fun !! So all Wax lovers be amazed …. and come watch me take hot Wax play to another new level !! (A level which I guarantee … can only get Wilder ! ;o) xx Well today’s bumper photo set of 22 pictures of “Sunshine Frolics” is bought to you after myself, Chaos and Nims get into some hot girlie sunbathing fun in the back garden, we get ourselves going with some horney pussy insertions which give us some extreme orgasms!!!! ;o)┬áPlenty of squirting and watersports fun…this truley was a great day heh!!!!

Today’s excusive photo set is brought to you after I received a very Horny member request – For me to indulge my Bod’ in lots of Dripping Hot Candle wax Play.. :o) whilst Being the Extremely Horny pain slut I am … this was certainly one request i couldn’t turn down ! (hehe heh ) .. Warming myself And smothering both Globes … it wasn’t long before my Pussy was up for some Flame teasing !! with my climax ending nicely with a mouth full and Facial In Crystel ‘s Hot Wax ! xx Pure radical sex extremism of a burning bitch !

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