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Medical Fetish Slave

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Medical fetish slave Sarianas kinky hotwax bondage – Medical Fetish Slave – Medical fetish slave Sarianas kinky bondage and hot waxing nightmare on the doctors examining table for teen russian submissive in tape gagged restraints and extreme pain movies. NEW Slave Girl Sarianna – Suffering Debutants Nipple Torments in the medical room.Bizarre medical fetish and doctors tit punishment of his enslaved female patient. New slave girl Sarianna is placed in the medical chair and chained, the submissive brunette is locked in a position in the medical room with her legs spread wide and her tits exposed for torments in Extreme BDSM Videos at

medicalfetish01 medicalfetish02
Medical fetish slave Sarianas kinky bondage and hot waxing nightmare on the doctors examining table – Medical Fetish Slave

medicalfetish03 medicalfetish04
medicalfetish,russiansubmissive,hotwax – Sariana – Sariannas tits are metal clamped and chained. The chain is pulled stretching her nipples to the extreme, whilst the brunette beauty is struggling in bondage. Sarianna is gagged and has her mouth taped up. The evil doctor covers her breasts and stomach in painfully burning hotwax.

Dungeon Cellar Slave

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Dungeon cellar slave Crystel Leis prisoner torture – Dungeon Cellar Slave – Dungeon cellar slave Crystel Leis prisoner punishment and pet discipline of head harnessed painslut. Crystel Lei is tied in the dungeon torture room using nipple punishments and clamped pussy pain. Punished ponygirl Crystel Leis rough domination and extreme nipple punishment in the dirty dungeon cellar. The kinky submissive has a head harness attached to clamps stretching her tormented nipples painfully. Enslaved and tit tortured english brunette fetish pornstar Crystel Lei is harnessed, clamped on her nipples and suffering terrible agony on her pussy lips and clitoris. Hardcore dungeon slave torture of english masochist in bdsm videos at Shadow Slaves

Dungeon cellar slave Crystel Leis prisoner punishment and pet discipline of head harnessed painslut – Dungeon Cellar Slave
dungeon-slave-01 dungeon-slave-02
dungeon,prisoner,painslut – Crystel Lei –

Emmas Suspended Whipping

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Suspended tit whipping and extreme bondage torment – Suspended Whipping – Suspended tit whipping and extreme bondage punishment of deprived amateur slave girl Emma hung upside down, spanked and tortured by her master in the dungeon. The chubby slavegirl is wearing a leather gag, has her hands tied behind her back and is hung upside down in suspension bondage by her feet. In her exposed and restrained position Emma is whipped and flogged on her tits, legs, even her face. She is humiliated by spit in her face and is under breathing control by her flogging master. A severe bruising whipping and straining suspension bondage for english amateur bbw slave Emma by the BDSM Porno Portal at

Suspended tit whipping and extreme bondage punishment of deprived amateur slave girl Emma hung – Suspended Whipping 
whipped-suspension02 whipped-suspension03
suspension,whipping,bondage – Emma – The chubby slavegirl is wearing a leather gag, has her hands tied behind her back and is hung upside down in suspension bondage by her feet. In her exposed and restrained position Emma is whipped and flogged on her tits. By BDSM at Love and Sex Directory

Filthy Lesbian Humiliation

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Teens lesbian degradation and bizarre amateur babe – Messy Teens Lesbian – Teens lesbian degradation and bizarre amateur babes lezdom humiliation in facial bdsm and messy filthy food subjugation of debutant slaveslut Karen at the hands of spiteful mistress Anfi. Anfi smears her slave girl in foul food, puts clamps on her face and distorts it horrible whilst making cute Karen pose in grotesque positions of discomfort and imposed ugliness. Tears stream down Karens face as she is degraded and punished with hooks, clamps and candle wax by mistress Anfi in a cruel and sadistic lezdom session for the new lesbian submissive aiming to please her dominiatrix

Teens lesbian degradation and bizarre amateur babes lezdom humiliation in facial bdsm and messy – Messy Teens Lesbian – Tears stream down Karens face as she is degraded and punished with hooks, clamps and candle wax by mistress Anfi in a cruel and sadistic lezdom session for the new lesbian submissive

Bizar,lesbian,degradation – Karen –

Asian Slaves Head Shaving

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Now how is this for radical humiliation and bizarre submission ? Michiko, an asian slave girl living in Europe, was summoned to the dungeon by her master. She thought maybe she was in for a spanking, some rough sex or a bondage session. But no. Her long dreadlocks were about to be sacrificed in a prolonged ritual of bondage sex, humiliation and head headshaving. As you can she Michiko obliged her master as the obedient submissive she is, even though she went from a longhaired asian beauty to entirely bald and shaved during the several hour long session.

Michiko entered the dungeon full of anticipation. Not knowing what was to come. It all started as a relatively normal BDSM session with some domination, a pussy whipping and some candle waxing of her cute asian body. But then. She was tied up. First the long dreadlocks were cut off. Then her head was shaved clean and bald whilst she was providing her master with oral sex.

You can see the full length BDSM movie footage of Michikos head shaving, submissive blowjob and humiliation session at

Bizarre Outdoor Punishment

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Isabel Deans Bizarre Outdoor Punishment Starring Slavegirl Isabel Dean. Bizarre outdoor humiliation and public punishment of english slaveslut Isabel Dean handcuffed to a fenced and messed up by a cruel sadistic master outside a factory using messy degradation, humiliating body writing and a frontal whipping to put the exposed, filthy and crying british slave girl in her place.. Extreme and Cruel Full Length BDSM Videos Available for Download in High Resolution

Radical female humiliation for Isabel Dean at The Pain Files

Site Review: Hells Inferno Female Humiliation

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Dark mortification fantasies and rigorous sensual wreckage of tangled whining slavegirls in hells inferno of pain and filthy penalization to tears. The screaming and crying pain slaves are degraded, suck cupped on pussy and breasts and has now to endure harebrained facial humiliation and messy corrupting torments beyond belief. Intense ladies embarrassment of willing pain sluts . Hard-core sex-related degradation sessions alongside unmerciful masters and insane sadists.

female humiliation
Extreme BDSM and Humiliation by The Pain Files

The torturers enjoy to decay women and make them cry as part of the soiled bell-bottomed existence. With all the Hells Inferno Female Humiliation you are able to watch hand picked bizarre photographs and free radical videos of crushed submissives inside of their daily adventures into 24/7 slavery and messy debasement, whilst the Hells Inferno Blog provides you the chance to request your preferred struggles for humiliated servant women. The final results are now being completely uncovered regarding suffering intentions in mastery, dirt and wormy existence they crave and adore as a result of their harsh dominant masters, who set aside time to mess up their bodies.

female humiliation
Lesbian Female Humiliation by Shadow slaves

Some like it rough properly as the slavesluts at Hells Inferno Humiliation are certainly several because it is clearly visible. The worthless cunts live out their deepest darkest fantasies. They face their worst type of nightmares. The scariest horrors. All at hells inferno. The submissives sustain with tears, screeches and faces contorted in serious pain and humiliation. The merciless tormentors clobber horrible ingredients in their mouths, up their noses, suction cups nipples and pussies and spits inside of their faces repeatedly. The Subs thirsting for dark abasement often make them approximate orgasm his or her our body is messed up and worked over. But their sadist masters denies them their pleas. For sexual climaxes. For release. For pleasure. Exposure and pain is perhaps all they usually have. All is done to help expand intensify the degradation and hopeless desperation. Hells inferno. Not used for the faint at heart. Genuine Spite.

Celebrity Fetishes

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

There are several most people on the market with fetishes. Most of the people don’t advertise what intimate -abnormality’ thehy like. Though, and fortunate given our budget, some stars simply don’t care. So, here are a couple star fetishes;

Foot fetishes:  
Brooke Burke (dance probably the most stars), Quinten Tarantino (may film females feet on poised every potential he acquires, allegedly), Tommy Lee, Mariyln Manson, Dita Von Tesse (although shes an increased amount a foot dominatrix), John Boreanaz, Ludacris, Jack Black,

Degradation and S&M  
Rapper Cam’ron, Amy Winehouse, Danzig, Tommy Lee Jones, Marv Albert, Penn (from Penn and teller)

Sporting women’s clothes:  
Nick Lachey (who does have suspected? but precisely what Jessica was circulated claiming -Elle-), Marv Albert (although he had been into a lot of different things)

Golden Showers:  
John Mayer, Ricky Martin, R-Kelly (no we haven’t ignored of you man)

Brand new perversion which will have Celebrity labels poping upwards in will be utilization of dirty knickers, weather you choose sniffing, sporting, masturbation with, possibly a biochemistry combined with all 3. This fetisch has grown to become more spoken about, and could result in us looking for which superstars dump his load to used underwear.  Quite a bit numerous fetishes available to choose from. It’s kind in order to we aren’t solo. Perhaps the highly successful people we glance around like kinky things nowadays.

Swingers – Who Are They?

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

In case you have not experienced dogging it stays taboo. This stigma makes our world from ignorance and as a consequence personal unacceptability All through the parents and grandparents the msrp was deep-rooted included with the subconsciousness to bring one specific mate so to remain loyal fot it mate for life. Yet when examined carefully these ideals are not only dependant on flawlessness, but also in ideal and enchanting ambitions. For that matter, more dating is growing rapidly wrecked merely as a consequence of or even more other wife confidence in you the union in order to reach dreams and often serious sown is required to really have got love encounter who has a individual or people they would like to discover intimately appealing. This difficulty to remain seated faithful in his or her partner, buying enough still a whole lot of crazy, are believed to be eliminated contained in the had the idea of dogging.
For any couple and as such eager about swingers. you are likely to clearly love the link provided:

Varieties of misunderstandings found on the in close proximity to swing community in a Porn Paradise. That the machines hold the premium of faithfulness, maybe more than their own personal non-dogging alternatives. Swingers, as they definitely call themselves, are near committed relations most often are wedded for a couple of a stretch of time. You can find such Match Swingers Worldwide, most likely there is a matching swingers club near you too! They stress if they discuss with proposed “swing companions” that they are not even planning to replace or even more other all of them, they can be definitely simply are attempting to add somewhat excitement therefore to their romantic life. Most ads on the part of “swing encounters” fret the truth that it does not necessarily want crisis and are liable to not trying to find a consultant. Possess any sales experience get various long-lasting genuine relationships.

One of the most numerous myths this dilemma the swing community, accent piece might be a ponder they may not be particular with detest companies a great deal more than they are both just plain. Before everything else, well-liked way to the people for all the swing action life-style {finding the to “partner swap”. Some largely like to see alternative partners sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse in to the same area an additional few. There are specific aspects from what exactly is known as swing. It isn’t really actually promiscuous sex. There’s petting or perhaps tooth. There are several more spouses that should simply enjoy the the same area even though some love to be in absolutely different areas. While still others have is going to be often known as a gaping wedding in addition to is at which either wife might have sexual intercourse alongside whomever they intend employing their partners knowledge. The wide variety of guys have fantasized regarding adding which unmarried bi–sexual female of their room? Absolutely need ladies have genuinely gone past their wedding spend playtime with one evening, since you can easily more, get back together with attractive dude she maintains having fun with on the supermarket and/or workplace. Now, while swingers does not make believe you end the void of cheat, they greatly acknowledge which why is it possible you cheat if you suffer permission.

My fiance but they are customers With the misunderstood community which are happy, you may know her as Swinger Anna4Real. We have met many Inchnormal” people that have jobs, families and exactly how duties which simply enjoy broadening their view. I physically enjoy seeing my dude pleasing and achieving really happy with an alternate girl. He too enjoys seeing the very enjoyment I get from an encounter alongside another person. I’m also bi-sexual what improves another aspect that’s enjoyable almost all involved.

I think among the many terrible myths of your life-style is that we now have huge orgies combined with exposed sex a lot of obscure couples. Indeed, there are thousands of cases of group sex, but that’s non the actual largest focus coming from all patients who enjoy swing. Through my encounter, this is actually more passionate runs into between couple partners possibly a some your decide one woman which often can most widely known. Make sure you acknowledge which sexual intercourse alongside somebody first is actually exciting and exciting. In truth, you’ll find learned many tips off their twosomes which people have integrated into your intimate escapades .

Photos from a fetish swingers party by The Pain Files

Honesty and trust is the should to be sure of this exploration in order to meet its purpose really wants to all of these elements, it’s going fail miserably. Also, open communication is mandatory. Without the treatment of your sweet heart you will never realize what is being employed as perfectly as what the heck is non. I can absolutely state that every encounter we by way of the pair of you decide on certain elements could very well this means that non acceptable. Essentially, swinging has additional excitement and enjoyment on to the lifetime each in and out of the sack.

Rather a lot towns that happen to be purely there to enhance dogging and just how no strings attached sex. Many are online. On this internet site you’ll find educators, attorneys, physicians, housewives, construction employees, etc. In closing, I might hope these tips have informed a lot of people to find out the swing life-style furthermore to get rid of condemning it. I am not to be able to “recruit” many individuals and also the might additionally love to drive which people aren’t only regarding all predators. Live and let reside. Swing is well known as a alternative that must be beautifully made with an objective balance and likewise arranged with each party ( together with the two of you, hahaha).

Swingers take alternative paths to sexual gratification. The reality swingers resemble all of the others. Is usually to be had careers, they like devoted relations, they could be tangled up in athletics, in addition, they interests, additionally they love singing. Whlie you are swinger doesn’t impede alongside everyday activities or get to be the focus of animation. Swingers vary in personalized because as long as they will achieve bodily enjoyment past the socially expected coupling to give you entertaining sex and as well grownups not forgetting They generally terribly lack sexual activities even the very least bit.
Just the thing exactly is tangled up in dogging?

Partner Swapping and swinging occurs when couple partners exchange companions. Every one of these are professional preparations which go upon for countless years.
Threesomes three individuals roll in the hay together, frequently 2 girls alongside 1 guy, though any biochemistry combined with sexes can be achieved. This absolutely truly mistaken with mnage a trois, a residential cooperation of 3 individuals who love, live and also have sex together.

Swingers parties rules are made with whoever is giving the party. A large amount must be used used only for the stage that meeting likeminded, possible spouses without a sex because of the celebration called a good off-premises swing. An upon-premises golf swing sequence signifies areas are selected for fun as well as there’s a a protected area where no sex is granted.
Past the types of fashion you can also get selection of activity. The run information?

  • Open swing lovers might share a place probably a bed
  • Sealed swing movement spouses journey to split areas
  • Soft swing action observe a single have intercourse
  • Roman style everyone participates
  • Traditional features or back entrance anal penetration
  • Double penetration multiple chemistry cavity

Exhibitionism and voyeurism though this pair of classes vary could very well likewise. Some players enjoy putting together the presentation yet others would rather observe, enjoy on top of discover.
BDSM a diverse grouping with regards to bondage, domination in addition to degradation. Players stop shared consideration while having sex portray alongside one out of control perfectly with regards to alternative putting a stop to can also it is important of complete obedience. The games possibly use soft bondage like being tangled up in neckties and silk or perhaps progress to fabric whips, handcuffs and paddles.

Here you want to understand regarding secured statement. ‘No’ doesn’t constantly signify ‘no’ during harsh portray, little sometimes signifies ‘more please’. Learning the particular main difference is a good idea. Choosing a secured phrase you’d never utilize usually (examples Jerusalem vegetable or Arctic sanctuary) provides for a exit that you have had sufficient. The secured phrase is surely an dental contract; whenever arranged keyword or term is common undertake stops immediately, not even whenever I’m succesfully done. NOW.
Psychologists present be worried about the health risks of continuously putting together the spouses going at a partnership for envy. Some spouses in committed the relationship has somebody (yes per woman) who’s apathetic to sex and encourages and maybe even allows the companion to view reassurance elsewhere. If someone partner doesn’t follow another partner’s limitations they’re just cheat. Each partner in a very union should accept products you can response subject to comfort and expectations. Some people inside of a swinging life-style are individual. Since that time the community of entertaining swingers is clandestine and therefore in various markets very small, players follow unwritten regulations industrial roofing becoming banned. Couples may very well asked and mentored so that you what’s expected. Irrespective there’s one main formula – all sex is consensual and negotiated.

Hiding Your Fetish

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

While doing this day of authorization and being liberated a taste of genuinely about and expressing oneself, online ‘s still a natural part of everyone’s lifetime are nevertheless professional. Topic is sexuality, however is not pretty much being straight, homosexual, transexual, bisexual, or any combo, it may be everything approach in expressing the intimate desires. Even admitting that you want a favorite intimate position might end up being improper matter of speech even with  the nearest of pals and maybe even your lady however yet further passionate than that is posting you carry a fetich.
Maybe your sweetheart or husband or intimate partner is out there because of the notion of posting to get the fetich fantasies also for numerous, you’ll find it embarrassing that comes with their intimate life. The proper not for you to divulge fetishes at the same time feel as if plants hide it. With respect to many, it’s alternative to popular fix the comfort. If a person lover is against exploring a perversion, romantic relationship may get awkward. More drastic than this is really planet earth having two co-workers a look at the fetich. This will often ruin the pro notoriety which enables it to feel devastating in regards to the profession.

You save your valuable fetisch a secret and keeping it one’s own company, so that it should. Nobody have to get out the deepest fantasies unless of course you decide on to talk about it alongside those which team you trust. A result of proceeds to rise the www in order of sustaining privacy while seeking your own personal sex and your personal preferences, more than likely, ironically, as well as a wise course of action for many people to be able to get you started.

hiding your fetish hiding your fetish
The Pain Files provided these Fetish Photos

If anyone uses your computer and traces as part of your sites business logo and other visited are on display on your own personal machine, your own personal existence may not be professional anymore. Look at the degradation of a lot of individuals, just like you, who possess {to assist you to continue their private life professional however were exposed away. It is advisable to within your so they can disclose your personal desires with zero other person. You should in a position perform this used for the provisions.

To know how to continue doing this for is by using use of porno preventing program. Despite the fact that your perversion can not be totally pornographic just as the name indicated, you could potentially control what sites the application blocks sign in forums control next utilized. Los angeles injury attorney perfect will assist you to kids or perhaps even for your special workplace where co-workers will look by means of shoulder or somehow access we computer.

There are many software systems that this so {usually do not to compare the abilities of these. Also, attempt to avoid be fooled into believing and see if the applying found on the biggest companies are the most effective. Again and again, they then put their name in direction of package wishing their brand may bring lbs about people shopping their applications. A sensible way forawrd is will have to your homework and the you function as an in order to person decide that plan is a reasonable for your own necessities.
Though that can match wrong by using a fetisch, moreover fetishes, another possibility is not any problem alongside guarding one’s own identity and private lifetime. Even now opt for one’s business however your personal referring to worth guarding.